‘Refugee’ Update Here in the U.S.

Although I receive dozens of updates on the ‘refugee program’ every week, I’ve chosen to (re)post just a handful of them to give you an idea of how it’s going.  I think the …

Source: ‘Refugee’ Update Here in the U.S.

The CAIR meaning of freedom of religion is to go forward with the Sharia Law and the Quran that requires the Muslims to kill all infidels. The 1400 year war is still on thanks to Obama. The Muslims in America are here for that end.

CAIR wants the Muslims to have special exceptions for their religion. The constitution does not provide for special exceptions for any religion, nor is it suppose to provide special exceptions to anyone. The American people have only one rule of law, the constitution allows equal protection to everyone with no exceptions. The CAIR organization is a raciest bigoted exclusive Muslim club that is always pushing for a religious exception, limiting the freedom of speech, insulting the American peoples access to the constitution.  CAIR is an extension of the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terror organization. Once again the Muslims will not assimilate. They are the enemy of the American people and the constitution.  CAIR is an exclusive Muslim club trying to use the religious freedoms provided by the American constitution to destroy America from within. The American people need legislation declaring the Muslim cult is not a religion!! Trump is the Answer.


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